Diwali in New Plymouth: “Family oriented festival, cultural exchange, delicious food and fireworks… what else can we ask for?”

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Last Saturday at the TSB stadium we attended Diwali, an Indian tradition celebrated around the world, from 4.30pm until 9pm. Diwali commemorates the victory of light over darkness, a new beginning, associated with Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity.

Not many of us knew the history behind it but we do know it was a great time for dressing up in fitness and colourful outfits, filling our souls with the amazing music and performances. Many dancing groups were showing their talents on stage where we could contemplate taking up dancing classes, or maybe a new resolution for 2021.

While visitors tried a great variety of Indian food, we spoke with a few local business owners and staff who were very kind, explaining to BiograView what they had to offer. Food plays a big role in the festival with food trucks and stands. One of them was Arranged Marriage, a local restaurant whose dosas were popular with many people lining up, waiting to hear their number.

For families it is always a lot of fun to bring the kids around the playing area with multiple activities to entertain them. Everyone was moving around in different spaces listening to music, appreciating and taking pictures of all those stunning dresses – especially on the children who were proudly wearing their traditional clothing and accessories.

The night ended with many people dancing and singing on the stage where they could experience that big sense of joy and freedom of being themselves by expressing and sharing their moves.

As we were leaving we noticed everyone outside walking in the same direction. What else could be but fireworks illuminating the entire sky, showing how the light defeated the dark.

Happy Diwali everyone.

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