A Global Perspective with BiograView

Presented by Ingrid van Amsterdam and Charlotte Giblin

A collaboration with Charlotte Giblin Art and Access Radio Taranaki, 104.4FM.

Ingrid van Amsterdam chats with BiograView’s cartoonist Charlotte Giblin about upcoming stories and more in New Zealand’s first and only multicultural magazine.

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23 April 2022, Episode 10: Jennifer’s story, Easter tales, and Charlotte’s journey 

The emotional and psychological impact of moving to another culture; Easter and chocolate - how we celebrate these Christian and pagan traditions - and where does the ox fit in? And, another story behind the resurrection of Jesus; Charlotte Giblin's farewell from our show to pursue her artistic future in New Zealand. 

26 March 2022, Episode 9: Muslim woman among “the boys in blue”, Mundolingua, and tiny homes

Identity, diversity, inclusion, and cultural evolution; Parisian museum of languages: Mundolingua, and the use of language around the world; Celebrating: BiograView 12 months in print! Wanted: Youth Culture - Student writers; The history of tiny homes.

19 February 2022, Episode 8: Waitangi, journeys of survival, travelling in 2022, and metaverses

The cultural repercussions of Waitangi; Kiko Matthews and Carl Hayman - a story of passion and love; If you could travel in 2022, where would you go? Metaverses: origins and how to deal with current applications on our digital devices.

22 January 2022, Episode 7: Kiwi MP Ibrahim Omer, Saint Valentine, and swimwear

Details of the journey of a former refugee and his work now; unsuspected ancient festival celebrations; are you feeling loved? And what's about the teddybears? Dressing down in summer, cultural differences and a bit of sexiness too!

18 December 2021, Episode 6: Christmas traditions, Covid, consequences, and memories

Christmas - Northern vs Southern Hemisphere celebrations; Covid vaccinations in business and relationships: help or hindrance? - How we learn from the past. Taking a positive approach: patience, love, respect, and compassion.

20 November 2021, Episode 5: Changes, Christmas, and consumerism

Exciting changes coming up at the BiograView front and we talk about Christmas gift giving - or not? Christmas consumerism and how you can deal with it without losing your marbles 🙂

23 October 2021, Episode 4: Tea, chocolate, and social media

Pure deliciousness in the origin and history of tea and chocolate. Social media and Covid: Are there some advantages to be found?

25 September 2021, Episode 3: NZ’s migrant culture, language, art, and braille

Charlotte and Ingrid talk about the challenges of adapting to and living in another culture, language and the development of digital technology, and art.

23 August 2021, Episode 2: Foraging, Identity, Kōrero, and Radio

Charlotte and Ingrid chat about some of the current and upcoming stories in BiograView, and reflect on personal experiences in their respective home countries.

24 July 2021, Episode 1: Local celebs, art, Shakespeare, and the tango

Ingrid introduced her new multicultural magazine BiograView with background stories, how she found her writers and the theme of this month's cartoon.