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Add a subheading - Ingrid van Amsterdam 15/02/23

Ingrid van Amsterdam
Author | Editor

Ingrid arrived in New Zealand in 1988 from the Netherlands to attend her grandfather’s funeral. Thinking she had nothing to lose but everything to gain, she’s still here today. With a background in interviewing and auric magnetic energy healing, Ingrid has an interest in the arts, culture, and humanity as a whole. She believes that with enough passion, anything is possible. The creation of BiograView is one of those passions. Ingrid has a vivid desire to work for the establishment of peace and harmony in society. Unwavering focus, drive and her belief in people keep Ingrid on her path, inspired to reach that goal. Author of Buying property in New Zealand, Homelands then & now, and The Death and Birth of My Mother and I, she also wrote BiograView’s kōrero – from the editor, and quiz. Ingrid is an executive on the Taranaki Multi Ethnic Council and a member of the International Student Support team at WITT Te Pūkenga.